uncountable nouns

Countable Nouns


Countable nouns are nouns that you can count!

They are normally things you can see, that are usually solid, and not too small – 平時來說!

1 apple, 2 apples, 3 apples
(remember the s!)

Uncountable Nouns

Uncountable nouns are things that you cannot count!

Liquids – wine, coffee, beer

Materials – plastic, metal

States – sadness, loneliness, anger

Food – pork, beef, cheese

Weather – rain, snow, hail

Gas – oxygen, air, steam

Classification of item – fruit, money, art, literature, music

Very small things – sugar, rice, salt

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Uncountable Nouns and Measure Words

So how do we count uncountable nouns?
We use measure words

A)give me 100 rices, please
B)Hmmm, do you mean a bowl of rice?

Common Measure Words


A bowl of rice
A bar of chocolate
A bottle of wine
A box of cereal
A cup of coffee
A carton of orange juice
A chunk of bread (a big hand-sized amount)
A dash of salt (a little bit)
A drop of whiskey (a little bit)
A grain of rice
A glass of juice
An item of clothing
A jar of mayonnaise
A loaf of bread
A pair  of scissors
A pint of beer
A roll of selotape
A slice of pizza
A shot of vodka 
A sliver of cake (a thin slice)
A tank of gas (petrol)
A twist of lemon (a small amount of liquid from a fruit)

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