Today I taught Lena from Germany – We studied lots of adverbs and how to talk about your habits in English. Check them out below!

habits in english

New Words

once in a blue moon = very rarely

once in a while = sometimes

periodically = regularly / repeatedly

Important tips

Remember that we can use these with present and past tense to talk about HABITS and FACTS about our lives. Things that are permanent not temporary

I often study Chinese after work
I study Chinese once in a blue moon
I always ate junk food when I was younger (past)
I ate junk food once in a while when I was younger (past)

If you use past tense it means it is NOT true now!

Position – adverb position can be flexible but as a general rule…

once in a while / now and then / once in a blue moon go at the end of the sentence……The others go before the verb

Subject + Adverb + Verb + Object

I always go shopping

Use them to talk about your habits, other people’s habits and your past habits too!


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