When we want to describe something extreme or exaggerate (誇張)we can use strong, ungradable adjectives.

London for me is the most interesting city in the world. From the absolutely gorgeous architecture to the absolutely amazing museums, and even the rather good food!
London is a truly international city with a population that represents that. You can find swathes of people from different countries around the world. This is also reflected in the truly astonishing amount of entertainment that London has to offer for every type of person.
It is said that if you are tired of London, you are tired of life. However, as many people will say, London is also incredibly exhausting! People who live and work here at first will often complain about the weather and the very slow tube service. However, you will never be freezing or boiling like in some other parts of the world.
You will also probably complain about the completely staggering price of everything – which to be honest is justified! But, apart from this, you will be in a city that is truly alive and breathing.

New Ungradable Adjectives

gorgeous = extremely beautiful
amazing = extremely good
astonishing = extremely surprising or impressive
exhausting = extremely tired
freezing = extremely cold
boiling = extremely hot
staggering = extremely surprising


ungradable adjectives

Adverbs for Ungradable Adjectives


These are the most common adverbs to use with ungradable adjectives.

Remember we can use these to describe extreme situations or to exaggerate.

Today the weather is boiling


Some More Examples

That was an absolutely wonderful day!

The weather was absolutely boiling

The rollercoaster ride was completely fantastic.

We were totally freezing all afternoon.

I thought her show was absolutely hilarious.

This question is completely impossible!

Your homework is totally correct.

Sanjeev was absolutely furious with Kendra.

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